Logical Thinking

Logical Thinking

  • Instagram Marketing Workshop 2020 Special

    Instagram Influencer Workshop 2020

    This is a comprehensive live workshop on Instagram Marketing that you can find elsewhere. Unlike pre-recorded videos, this is a live instructor-led ZOOM workshop. 

    With over 20+ hours of live sessions and 100+ secret hacks, tools & guides, this is one of the most comprehensive courses out there in the market. 

    We cover everything you need to know to start from scratch and grow an account to 10k, followers or if your goal is more, no worries, we have got you covered.

    This course is for both beginners to Instagram and even for seasoned Instagrammers who have tens of thousands of followers already.

  • Secure your online presence Hot

    This course is an actionable, step-by-step beginner’s guide to locking hackers, identity thieves, and cyber criminals out of your life once and for all.

    Today’s reality is yesterday’s science fiction.

    You can have a real-time video conversation with someone on the other side of the planet, you can send and receive money without even taking out your wallet, and you can post content online that reaches millions of people in a matter minutes.

    Unfortunately, the same technology that enables all this new freedom and convenience also exposes us to new security threats that we’ve never encountered.

    Malware that infects your computer and watches everything you do, phishing scams that steal private information from millions of people—today’s digital world is a criminal’s playground. It makes the process of stealing money or even stealing someone’s entire identity way more efficient.

    The worst part? You are a target.

    Many people neglect taking steps to protect themselves online because they think, “Why would anyone want to steal my information?”

    Well, for starters, if you have any money to your name at all, there are plenty of tech-savvy criminals out there who are patiently waiting for the opportunity to take it from you.

    Beyond that, they can also steal your identity to run up charges on your credit cards, open new utility accounts, get medical treatment using your health insurance, or take advantage of your friends and family by impersonating you on social media.